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He was having a pint of beer with a lemon slice floating in it and ordered a chardonnay for me. There are only five of them and sight is one of the important ones.

Although it was Monday Night Football time, the TV in front of us was tuned to a sailing event. For example, I guess I don't really care if someone I'm involved with has a sense of taste.

Each of the 50 chapters is dedicated to a different date, and includes the kinds of tips and sharp observations that only someone on the front lines can offer.

I felt like a sophomore girl getting asked to the homecoming dance by a senior, except that I was in my late thirties and the senior was some stranger from and we probably wouldn't have dated under normal circumstances.Sure, I'd feel bad for him and touring wine country might be less fun with him, but ultimately it wouldn't affect me personally.Someone's not being able to see feels completely different and like something that's at least worth mentioning.Normally I would take that kind of a comment so early into a blind date as a very bad sign about where things were heading, but given the circumstances I decided to let it go.He mentioned the cats I had seen pictured sitting on his head. He said that sometimes he wished that he could be lord of the manor, like in a Gothic novel, and that someone else-a servant of some sort-would attend to the demanding cats and their needs.

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