7 rules for dating cast

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However, consider the following guidelines: For more information about conversion from the xml data type, see Create Instances of XML Data.When you explicitly or implicitly cast the xml data type to a string or binary data type, the content of the xml data type is serialized based on a defined set of rules.

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Many client applications, including those based on Automation objects, use a cutoff year of 2030. Only supported when casting from character data to datetime or smalldatetime.For example, the value '2012-11-07T.000 will display as '2012-11-07T'.Important By default, SQL Server interprets two-digit years based on a cutoff year of 2049.* = Result length too short to display E = Error returned because result length is too short to display. Sick Leave Hours AS char(1)) AS [Sick Leave] FROM Human Resources. The following table lists the styles for which the string-to-datetime conversion is nondeterministic.SQL Server guarantees that only roundtrip conversions, in other words conversions that convert a data type from its original data type and back again, yield the same values from version to version. With the exception of styles 20 and 21 For more information, see Nondeterministic conversion of literal date strings into DATE values.

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