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Interactive art can be distinguished from generative art in that it constitutes a dialogue between the artwork and the participant; specifically, the participant has agency, or the ability, even in an unintentional manner, to act upon the artwork and is furthermore invited to do so within the context of the piece, i.e. More often, we can consider that the work takes its visitor into account.

In an increasing number of cases an installation can be defined as a responsive environment, especially those created by architects and designers.

Prix Ars Electronica is a major yearly competition and exhibition that gives awards to outstanding examples of (technology-driven) interactive art.

The artwork required the viewer to turn on the machine and stand at a distance of one meter in order to see an optical illusion.

The present idea of interactive art began to flourish more in the 1960s for partly political reasons.

Some of the earliest examples of interactive art were created as early as the 1920s.

An example is Marcel Duchamp’s piece named Rotary Glass Plates.

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