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Evolving social support and activities may change opportunities for sex and intimacy.

Partners may disappear through death or moving away, or appear, such as when meeting new people after moving to an aging community.

These changes may alter our sexual desires, expression and the frequency in which we engage in sexual activities with partners.

For example, among women ages 57 years and older, over 80% of participants expressed interest in having sex, but less than two-thirds of women surveyed perceived sex as “important,” and fewer than half reported having sex in the previous year.All I ask is that you try, with all of your might, to stop talking to me and other disabled people like kids. Sex education and research use a medical model of sexual health focusing mainly on pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and sexual dysfunctions. Beyond genitals and Kama Sutra-like positions, it considers sexual and gender identity; sensuality; sexual response; intimacy; and positive and negative ways we use our sexuality.They don’t represent who I am – I have never liked cartoons and I am not a “car guy” – and they aren’t particularly original. I’m of the view that actions speak louder than words. I think most people mean well and if they are guilty of anything it’s that they haven’t spent enough time with people like me.Here are some things you can and should do when you meet someone with a disability: Now that I have all this off my chest, there’s one more thing I need to make clear. If you find that you have committed one or more of these gauche transgressions, don’t worry. So I’m not looking for a heartfelt apology letter stained with the tears of your remorse.

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