Adult truckers chat

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You need a certain amount of athleticism to be able to ride your man.

You want to be going up and down, and slightly back and forth, at the same time. If you’re bigger built than your top, or if you’re a bigger guy in general this one can be tricky as gravity is against you.

Then go further, toward his perineum (the bit between his balls and his ass) and then his butthole.

Bottom: if you’re enjoying this, give him a few moans and wriggle your asshole a bit closer to where his tongue is.

This one is trickier than it looks because you’ll need to position your ass in a way that makes it easy for your top to penetrate you. If you’re top, get behind your man, who should be in front of you on all fours.

If your cock lines up nicely with his asshole, you’re winning.

It’s one of the easiest positions for a top, and not especially difficult for a bottom. the foreplay During gay sex, if you’re engaging in foreplay and sucking his cock while he’s laying down, keep licking, kissing and sucking as you move your mouth down towards his balls.

Top: start slow and give him time to get comfortable.

Bottom: telling him you’re going to back onto his cock and thus leading the action / setting the pace can help.

If the angles require some gymnastics or penetration at an awkward angle, it could be painful for you both.

Give it a go by all means, but it’s probably worth trying something else.

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