An intimidating ornament in a female pipefish dating idaho com

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The majority of pipefishes have some form of a caudal fin (unlike seahorses), which can be used for locomotion.

Most pipefishes are marine dwellers; only a few are freshwater species.

Another factor that affects pipefish populations is their use in Chinese medicine remedies.

Syngnathidae in general are being used in medicine but pipefish are used for their high potentiates.

Shoreline are also affected by boats and drag lines that move shoreline sediment.

In this virtual issue we revisit this debate and highlight some of the articles that have examined reproductive competition among females and its evolutionary consequences for female sexual signalling.

Intrasexual competition in females: evidence for sexual selection?

Behavioral Ecology, 20(6): 1348-1355, Do exaggerated sexual swellings function in female mating competition in primates?

A comparative test of the reliable indicator hypothesis Behavioral Ecology, 26(4): 1030-1038, Cover Image: A female Common Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca). Females of this species move away from brightly glowing rivals to avoid appearing dull, see Borshagovski et al.

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