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If you’re going to disclose this, I think it’s much better to throw the news out there before you meet than to leave it hanging over you and then have to come up with more ways (and feel more anxiety) about breaking the news.

Especially since once you tell someone this, what happens next will give you so much information about whether you still want to meet them for a date.

Last month my husband and I (she/her) separated; it was my choice and I stayed in the home while he moved out.

We were in couple’s therapy for several years leading up to the split and for the last part of the relationship we were living as roommates.

All this to say that I feel ready to start casually dating again.

I have a great job, amazing friends, multiple hobbies/interests, practice self-care, and want to make the most of this summer.

Part of me thinks that no one is going to swipe right when they see this, due to the stigma and because I am only 29 years old (“so young, so much baggage! Should I be putting this on my profile and being transparent from the start?

I guess I hope once people meet me in person (and see that I am not someone who consistently whines about their ex/failed past relationship) they will not think it is a big deal.

I have not put anything on my profile about being separated.Not everyone needs to know every detail of your life the second they scroll by your pretty face on an app, but you actually want the people who would be shook by the idea of you being not-quite-fully-divorced or who are judgmental about divorce to self-select out of your personal dating pool.You could always test something out in your dating profile and see if it affects your matches – “Recently out of a marriage and into a summer of meeting new people” – etc. But you could also hold off until you’re chatting with someone promising before you meet them in person.My general recommendation for stuff like this is to err on the side of being totally straightforward, get disclosures that make you nervous done before you meet someone in person if you can comfortably and safely do it, and don’t apologize for who you are.You have done and are doing nothing to be ashamed of.

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