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The goal coming out of the establishment period is to have 3 or more fully green leaves on the plant.

After establishment, plants will send out new growth and develop branch crowns during October and November.

Plants should also go into winter with enough leaves to help insulate the crown.

The island is part of a Colombian island chain that is located much closer to Nicaragua than the Colombian mainland.

Americans traveling to Colombia do not need a visa, and receive a 60-day tourist stamp in their passports upon arrival.

Frommer's described San Andreas as part of "the safest and most accessible travel experiences in [Colombia]," so much of the danger associated with travel in Colombia does not apply to this island.

Shallow planting (where part of the plug is out of the ground) will result in plugs desiccating and reduced stands.

Soil should be firm around the plug and water provided at planting.

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