Aspie dating for adults with asperger syndrome

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Because of these eccentricities and their lack of social skills, people with Asperger’s may make few friends and are often considered loners.

Lack of empathy is one of the most challenging problems for someone with Asperger's who is in a relationship, says Kathy Marshack, Ph D, a psychologist in Vancouver, Wash., who works with couples affected by Asperger’s syndrome and the author of The non-Asperger’s member of the relationship gets angry and hurt by the partner’s lack of emotion and understanding, often saying things like, “You just don’t get it!

Recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that one in 68 American children born today has some sort of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Another study published on CDC also shows that ASD is over four times more likely to be diagnosed in males than females.

Francis, age 6, also has Asperger’s and related behavioral issues.

Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disorder that is part of the autism spectrum.

It is considered a high-functioning autism spectrum disorder.

On the upside, “she can enter into play with him in ways that I cannot, imaginatively creating worlds together," Bennett says.

"So we complement each other in many ways as parents."Jurintha Fallon also knows the difficulties of living with an Asperger’s partner.

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