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“Couples will move in together and get to a level of seriousness and comfort.

Before you know it, it’s been 10 years and then they say, ‘You know what?

“I believe marriage in New York City can work in your 20s,” says Kaplan, who is 26 years old and was married in New York last October.

“You have to know who you are and what you’re looking for. If you find someone who shares that and the chemistry is right, then game over.” That being said, in her work-life as a matchmaker, Kaplan’s clients are mostly in their 30s and 40s (though she does have some clients in their 20s).

If it’s not for a romantic decision, it will be for a financial one.

People get married later because they are living together earlier,” says Maxwell Cooper.

“Couples [nationwide] are waiting a little bit later in life to make this huge decision,” says Kristen Maxwell Cooper, executive editor at The Knot.

Still, the US Census reported that in 2014, the average age of brides was 31, and 33 for grooms. A big factor of this can be attributed to couples living together before they get married.

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We think of marriage as something that would get in the way of our careers, or our fun single lives (there’s always someone even MORE spectacular just a swipe away!The Pew Research Center came out with an article in 2014 listing the best and worst cities for women looking to marry (the survey considered employment statuses in marrying men).The worst place in the entire country for women looking to get married is actually Orlando, where 63% of the population between 25 and 34 is unmarried.The national average marrying age, according to The Knot, is 29 for brides and 31 for grooms, which is still relatively “old” compared to past averages.Apparently, New Yorkers aren’t the only ones that aren’t super-eager to start filing joint taxes before the age of 25.

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