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Consolidating your federal student loans with a private lender could save thousands.Federal student loans offer many more protections to the borrower than private student loans.If you already made 30 and you consolidate, you will lose credit for those 30.Finally, once you consolidate your loans, there is no going back.

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For borrowers with financial stability as well as a good credit score, often the borrower will save many thousands of dollars by reducing their interest rate with a private student loan lender.Of course, many people refinance and consolidate in order to pay off their student loans in a shorter time period.The key to whether or not you should refinance and consolidate your private student loans is whether or not your credit history (or that of your cosigner) will enable you to get an interest rate that is low enough to save you significant money and possibly also pay off your loans earlier if that is one of your goals.If you are already making qualifying payments toward the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program or are on an income-driven repayment plan, you will lose credit for the payments you have made and have to start over.For example, for your student loans to be forgiven under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, you must make 120 payments.

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