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As a child, Beth was extremely active and was constantly outdoors.Consequently, she played softball, tennis and rode horses as a kid.At the age of 13, Beth relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada where she attended Cimarron-Memorial High School graduating in 1996 with honors.Even before she found fame, Beth has always been a very likable person.

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The couple did not have a name decided when Beth went into labor, though, and they made the final decision while she was mid-contraction.

They divorced about one year later because Edge had an affair with Lita (Amy Christine Dumas), Matt Hardy’s girlfriend, according to What Culture.

This affair became a huge deal in the wrestling fan community that year, especially because the off-camera drama was incorporated into on-camera storylines.

“It’s a partnership — it has to be, in order to juggle everything.

Fortunately, I’ve got a pillar, so I can go and do the show knowing that everything at home is A-OK.

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