Bethany galeotti and james lafferty dating

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Galeotti made such an impression on viewers, critics and Guiding Light executives alike that she was later recast as Michelle Bauer Santos upon Rebecca Budig's exit.In November 1998, Galeotti began acting in one of her most popular roles to date, as Michelle Bauer Santos.Galeotti was then casted as the lead in a much-anticipated WB pilot which unfortunately never went into production.She had also shot two other pilots, one playing the daughter of Paul Sorvino, and one as the lead in the WB's 1972.

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But if nobody is interested I'm gonna have to have a little "time-out", and I don't know when I'll be back.

I really love having this blog, and meeting other Joy fans, so it would be terrible if I had to delete it.

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Real biography: As a teenager she honed her vocal skills by training with the Director of The Brooklyn College of Opera and not only plays both the guitar and piano but writes her own music as well.

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