Blind dating 2016 megavideo

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The day of the audition arrives, and Charlotte and Artus — unbeknownst to one another — sit in the auditorium to listen.Machine begins to play a piece by Mendelssohn, but there is a disturbance from behind the wall at the back of the stage.It is revealed that Machin was listening from behind the wall, but he has been discovered by an employee, causing the commotion.

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When she is practising Chopin's Revolutionary Etude, the man finally speaks to her.It won the audience award at the 19th annual COLCOA French Film Festival in Los Angeles A shy woman (Mélanie Bernier) moves into her new apartment in Paris, helped by her sister Charlotte (Lilou Fogli).She longs to be a professional pianist and has just moved out of the house of her piano teacher, Evguenie (Grégoire Oestermann).The woman refuses to be driven away by his behaviour.The two live side-by-side, irritating one another with increasingly inventive noisy behaviour.

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