Books for dating couples to read together

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Does Hanna have a secret she’d rather die for than give away?

You should read it together if you believe that you should not be judged for who you love.

You should read it to cherish each and every minute you spend together.

If you are looking for a light, yet profound read, Anna Gavalda seems to be a perfect choice.

You should read it together if you feel like you ever made up the person you love, and then actually met them.

A beautiful melancholic story told by 37-year-old Toru Watanabe who suddenly heard a few accords of the Beatles’ song “Norwegian Wood” in Hamburg Airport.

“Before I Die” is somewhat sad, yet inspiring and life-asserting.

Tessa knows she has only five months left to live, yet instead of drowning in the void of her despair, the girl decides to spend the time left living, laughing and loving as much as she can.

The story does not sound new – a boy and girl grew up next door, became close friends and never dared to cross this fragile line between love and friendship.Isn’t winter that perfect time of the year when you can cuddle with your partner all day long under a ton of blankets and indulge in reading while sipping warm cocoa from a huge mug?These 20 romantic books will make you inspired by the astonishing power of love, true happiness and the perfect ever after endings.Ricardo meets his femme fatale who calls herself “Lily” when he is still a poor boy from Lima.After a hot summer fling, she disappears from his life for 10 years.

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