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It seems they’ve struck a good balance in being encouraging and supportive, without being overbearing or pushing you into showbiz.

The one thing my parents told me was, “No matter what you do, we support you.

Sometimes I have to tell them I have to work and they’re like, “You have a job?

” Then it’s like, “You have to understand this is my choice.

He’s been like an uncle on the road, always there for me, and he always sends me birthday messages -- the whole family will call and sing to me.

And, my cousin, Kevin [Richardson], saw two shows when I was on Broadway with , so he was super-supportive with coming out to cheer me on. A post shared by Kevin Richardson (@kevinscottrichardson) on A lot of young musicians go through struggles with fame and success.

AJ [Mc Lean]’s always been pretty involved in my life -- I call him Uncle AJ!

He’s always been supportive, so music is another thing that me, my dad and AJ can connect with.

all by the age of 13, and now Brian Littrell’s son, Baylee, is celebrating his 16th birthday by dropping his debut single!

I said, "Dad, I’ve got an idea," and that was the first song I ever wrote at 7, 8 years old. I wasn’t shy to start out -- as I got older, I became more self-conscious, but at 10 years old, my dad went out on the .” Not that there are many bad things when you’re 10 years old, but it was basically a fun release.

When did you realize you might want to pursue music as a career?

To mark the official launch of Baylee’s music career, ET talked to the young singer about growing up on the road, dealing with fans, which of his dad’s bandmates is like his “uncle,” and how Florida Georgia Line ignited his musical dreams.

Baylee Littrell: I never really got into music until around first grade.

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