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In October, Chadian Foreign Minister Baba Hassan denounced Libya's "expansionist ideas" at the United Nations.Through French pressure on Libya and the mediation of Nigerien President Hamani Diori, the two countries resumed diplomatic relations on 17 April 1972.On the day of the failed coup, Tombalbaye cut all diplomatic relations with Libya and Egypt, and invited all Libyan opposition groups to base themselves in Chad, and started laying claims to Fezzan on the grounds of "historical rights".Gaddafi's answer was to officially recognize on 17 September the FROLINAT as the sole legitimate government of Chad.Libya had been involved in Chad's internal affairs prior to 1978 and before Muammar Gaddafi's rise to power in Libya in 1969, beginning with the extension of the Chadian Civil War to northern Chad in 1968.The conflict was marked by a series of four separate Libyan interventions in Chad, taking place in 1978, 1979, 1980–19–1987.In our time, anonymity on the Internet means a lot.

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Libyan involvement with Chad can be said to have started in 1968, during the Chadian Civil War, when the insurgent Muslim National Liberation Front of Chad (FROLINAT) extended its guerrilla war against the Christian President François Tombalbaye to the northerly Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Prefecture (BET).Chat Random - this is a random video chat, access to which is absolutely free.Here you will meet both girls and boys who want to chat with a random stranger via webcam.Libya's king Idris I felt compelled to support the FROLINAT because of long-standing strong links between the two sides of the Chadian-Libyan border.To preserve relations with Chad's former colonial master and current protector, France, Idris limited himself to granting the rebels sanctuary in Libyan territory and to providing only non-lethal supplies.

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