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Asian women black men dating sites out the many success stories here.Don't send money and if you asked turn her in and they will remove her is my experience.Dear Friends and Foes; I want to say that there is good and bad everywhere in the World and our job, our inner work as good people is to find the other good people.In my case they charged me even after my account was closed. They allow women and scammers from the Philippines to create as many fake profiles as they want for free, while men have to pay to use any function of the site.I wasn't happy when I received my card statement. I paid for 3 months and quickly learned that the profiles are fake. I'd exchange emails with them and once I asked to text or talk on the phone I never heard from them again. The profiles were written in proper English but the replies were broken English. They take your money and even then most of the site is not in use.

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