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All priests must exercise these gifts, so they are ordained Deacon as a transitional step on their way to becoming priests.Other people are simply called to be deacons throughout their whole lives, and that is the only ordination that they ever want or need.The requirements vary with the candidates, and it is the bishop, working with advisors, who will lay down the requirements for you, based on your circumstances and based upon where you will end up conducting your ministry as a priest.Oddly enough – and this is true everywhere in the worldwide Anglican Church – you will receive two ordinations, usually a year apart. Deacons have a vocation to proclaim the Gospel, and to mobilize the church for ministry to people in need.(2) Clergy in some parts of the church do not choose to use this type of vestment at all, so you have to know what you’re doing.

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The young boy, sleeping in a religious shrine, hears someone calling his name.A deacon is noticeable when wearing liturgical robes, because his or her stole (a coloured scarf in fine fabrics) is worn across the chest at a 45 degree angle.On the street, deacons can’t be distinguished from priests because they, like priests, may wear a clergy shirt and collar with their everyday clothing.A chasuble is a vestment worn by priests rather than deacons, so it is a very suitable gift for a priestly ordination.However, there are three reasons why you might want to strike this item off your list: (1) It is much more costly than a stole.

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