Dallas catholic dating the ethics of repricing and backdating employee stock options

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These 51 pages, out of the over 221,855 pages being reviewed, were immediately turned over to the police upon discovery.To imply that these documents were intentionally withheld in any capacity is to truly misrepresent the nature of our correspondence with the Dallas Police Department.Detective Clark himself notes this: “The purpose of the meetings was to reveal the names of the credibly accused priests to police personnel before the list was made public.” Moreover, particularly with respect to the names noted in the affidavit, the Diocese has handed over the files of each of those men.It has done this because it wants to see these men brought to justice.In the case of Edmundo Paredes in particular, we contacted the Dallas Police Department directly multiple times to inform them of our concerns.(Please note that all reports of abuse should always be made to civil authorities first.

Resperliers this year, they should complete the Summer Packet labeled Kinder.The Diocese, upon learning of abuse, will immediately turn over that allegation to civil authorities for investigation.As noted above, the Diocese has consistently done this, particularly by contacting Child Protective Services, as required by the law.“We were surprised, dismayed and even disappointed by the actions taken on Wednesday,” Bishop Burns said in the video.“That is why I’m saddened that this Wednesday, DPD carried out a highly-publicized search based on an affidavit that contained multiple factual errors.” “Any suggestion that the Diocese was not cooperating in good faith is simply not true.

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