Dating bitterness

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There is power in maintaining a positive outlook on dating, just as a positive attitude makes other aspects of life easier.Every first forty plus date could be your last first date.If you’re suffering from low self-esteem, concentrate on what you think are your strengths and let them boost your confidence.Thinking people are not worthy of you, however, is equally damaging so don’t let yourself get above your station!

But to find love, you need to be open and positive.This simple shift in perspective could make the difference to your attitude and your dating prospects.Enduring multiple heartaches takes its toll when you are a forty plus dater.Focus on the positive sides of a relationship to overcome your fears. You’d rather be proved right than be happy Are you so stubborn in your bitterness that you’d rather be proven right (i.e.that all relationships are guaranteed to fail) than find love? You’ll need to work hard to embrace the fact that a relationship can be good and that you deserve to be happy.

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