Dating chinese women in china

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He wants to pick you up from the subway station, accompany you everywhere you go, he’s waiting for you after work, I feel suffocated.” The contrast in culture is one of the biggest challenges.Not only are you unable to share the same jokes and understand each other’s upbringing, but you also don’t have remotely the same political or social views.Western women are used to the more proactive and direct approach when it comes to being asked out on a date.

You’ve moved to China after all, and should get a taste of all aspects of the culture.These are of course not China specific, but I can tell you from personal experience that these differences apply to any inter-cultural relationship.Although I myself never dated a Chinese man (because I met a very nice expat from an entirely different culture), I have dated men from several different cultures.Living in China, a foreign woman would mostly likely be expected to adapt to Chinese culture, which would be very difficult for a woman with independent views.” What I wanted to say is, most independent Western women don’t care to participate in the expected gender roles, where overly-protective Chinese men treat their women like needy princesses.A dating culture where families interfere with relationships and where dating must almost certainly end in marriage is something far from what we are used to.

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