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If you want sex on the first date, probably one of those emancipated women are just for you, and there's no need to cross thousand miles for a Russian bride.While no girl will refuse to feel desired, the first date is probably not the best time and place to show her that you want her right now.

So, let's have a look at dating mistakes men make on their first date with a Russian girl.So, you can tell her something about yourself before she starts asking questions. Well, the mysterious Russian soul is unlikely the reason why you went searching for the Russian bride.But, you mustn't talk only about yourself the whole evening. Because, you want to know her better too, don't you? The real reason lies in your dissatisfaction with emancipated western women, that focus on their careers, rather than on domestic comfort and cooking. And, believe it or not, no woman wants to hear your complaints about other women.While dating sites are full of Russian brides, it doesn't mean that the first one that caught your eye will hop on the opportunity to date with you, only because you're western man.While, in general, Russian women are unsatisfied with Russian men, they are proud of being Russians.

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