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Variations: treatment of inverted triangle on cutter stamp. Although decades-old illustrations represent the bench planes in the main part of the catalog, artwork for the new No. Descriptions for the bench planes are identical to those used in 1949 except the word “goncalo” replaces the word “rosewood.” Although red frogs continue to be mentioned in catalog descriptions through 1967, a type 5 plane with other than a black frog has yet to be reported.

This website has primarily been set up in the hopes of assisting collectors, sellers and users in identifying the many types of woodworking planes that were manufactured by Sargent & Company over a 77 year period from 1887 to 1964.

I will add more information, such as Sargent history, catalogs etc. The background images for this website are taken from the cover of the 1911 Sargent Tool Book.

Over the last few years since I started posting information regarding vintage hand planes and tools, I've faced up to the fact that I really like these old rusty bits of metal, and can comfortably say I'm a vintage tool collector.

One of the problems encountered in a study of the company’s bench planes is that catalog illustrations could be as much as twenty years out of date.

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To find a particular plane, just click on the "Planes & Spokeshaves" link in the menu bar above or "Sargent Planes By Number" on the left sidebar.This design removed the need to have multiple wooden planes for different sized grooves, dadoes, rabbets and beads. 45 - 55, was developed at the peak of the metal hand plane design era (late 1800's). 45 has been in production from the late 1800's to the middle of the 1900's with many different variants along the way.It is interesting that if one were to develop a similar-featured plane today, the design would probably look not too much different than the Stanley No. Each variant was either adopted for manufacturing efficiency or to implement a new feature into the plane.I read about and also noticed that there is a large built-in gap ahead of the interchangeable blades which results in a large mouth opening.This presents an issue with gnarly woods, so it is recommended that straight-grained woods be used.

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