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With new sites popping up every day and niche sites are becoming the norm, it would make sense for those with a knack for matchmaking to get on the action.

As you read this article, we’ll break down the different ways any dating websites can make money.

His ex refuses to remove it out of spite, yet she still calls him, harasses him and wants him back. Despite warning signs and his lack of money, I have fallen for him. We have great chemistry, mind blowing sex but honestly, its not enough.

Unemployed, under-employed and low-income men are just not good dating or marriage material in the eyes of many women.He has prior old felonies from over 20 years ago and got into a verbal alteration that led to his ex filing a restraining order against him last year.I put together his resume because I volunteered in the unemployment center. However, the restraining order shows up once the background check comes back.It never even occurred to me to worry about such things (I’ve never discussed credit ratings with a partner), but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have paid it attention when it seemed like things were getting serious.A recent study seems to indicate that we are stuck in a time warp when it comes to gender and money — we can’t get past the idea that a husband should make more money than his wife, and that is impacting whom we marry, how much a wife works, and even if a couple stays married.

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