Dating pacific islanders or samoans

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Even my own mother would say things like " Why did he choose her shes so dark ugh " when she watches a tv dating show form the Philippines of a guy choosing between a light skin chick and a dark skin chick. If anything, I can't stumble upon a You Tube video of someone who's like 1/32nd Filipino without someone saying "pinoy pride! I can't walk down the street without my mother saying "pinoy?Here I am a dark skinned guy so she must think Im ugly too I guess. " to every supposed Filipino person she suspects is Filipino. Secondly, if I'm interpreting your argument correctly, we can't like hip hop culture just because we're fucking Filipino? Apparently in order to be 100% in love with your culture, you have to shun everyone else's.It's like they only want to be Asian when it's convenient.All of the celebs in the Philippines are Hapa and women like Lily May mac who lie about being mixed race are common there.

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Yet they get mad when you ask if they're Asian.Basically, Filipinos latch onto anything foreign and very rarely take pride in being Pinoy.There's some improvement ever since Duterte came into power, but their colonial mentality is still crippling their progress. Im a dark skinned Filipino dude and I am basically like the fat kid who will be last picked because no Filipino chick would date anyone darker than a white piece of paper.Chinese are an amalgamation of many different ethnicities but you never see them trying to emphasise how mixed they are all the time.Same with indonesians, malays and burmese, they are more mixed than filipinos.

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