Dating rules bullshit

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What is it with men and their egos, attitudes and lack of brain cells when it comes to dating?Not just towards me but towards every female who has in recent months, told me their dating stories.Online dating is bullshit but swiping left is addictive.

Whilst having weekly mental breakdowns to your friends because he hasn’t asked you to be exclusive after a couple of months.Lets not even get into the discussion of the use of the word ‘peng’ to describe a woman. When do you stop kissing and sleeping with other people? I know you’re probably thinking ‘you make the rules’, but if you make the rules… You could be playing two completely separate games because no one wants to talk about ‘the rules’ first.If by some miracle in the deep pile of dating shit you find a man who is actually worthy of your time, what next? I only say game because of the term rules, I am certainly no game player, have you witnessed me talking to an attractive man? After a few weeks of dating/talking/getting closer, when do you ask that person if you’re the only one they’re invested in?I am good at ‘being chill’ on the outside but on the inside I am wondering if months into whatever the hell is going on, the romantic things he is saying to me, is he saying them to someone else?I am aware some may read this and think I am another nut job girl but it’s not like I get to this point with every match I make on Tinder, cut me some slack.

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