Dating scam egypt

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introduction and definition of the online dating scam, different types and some advice how to avoid getting scammed.

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The scammers can sense these from their online interaction.

They want to get the victim to continually send them money.

Russian dating expert and owner of Elena’s Models Elena Petrova says thatmen using online dating sites regularly receive emails from ‘Russian women’ offering friendship, love and marriage.

Most users simply disregard such emails but some people are curious and can be sucked in.

The scammers also ask for personal details in order to rob or blackmail their victims. The She-Is-In-Love scenario is when the scammers send e-mails and text messages full love for their victims.

When the scam is over, the unfortunate victim is left still lonely but with less money.

Today, Western men of all ages and backgrounds can simply log on to the internet and start searching for their soul mate from Russia and Ukraine. These crooks prey on the goodwill and inexperience of their victims.

They are criminals who are skilled at taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of people who live thousands of miles away.

This scam will continue for as long as the victim continues sending money, and he will always have to send money because some new emergency requiring money will always pop up.

The scammers will keep the target interested by occasional chats on the phone and by sending him photos that can be quite revealing and erotic.

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