Dating sites screen for sex offenders

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A full background report can include: Find sex offenders near you by searching your name here.Law enforcement can be surprisingly lenient in cases of sexual assault.

It's funny when your friend didn't mean to talk about the size of his hard drive quite The accuracy of sex offender databases is a topic of much contention, but after a woman was assaulted by a man with a criminal record through a dating site (and a lawsuit followed), something was bound to change in the way dating sites handle their client databases.

Your child should understand that boundaries are more important than politeness.

Many sex offenders operate by testing boundaries with their victims.

Your child should be taught that adults who exhibit the following behaviors should not be trusted: Society encourages parents to raise children who are polite, well-mannered, and deferential toward authority, so parents may miss conveying the message that their child’s safety is always more important.

Children must learn to trust their own feelings and know that they have every right to say “no” when they sense something is wrong, like if someone tries to take somewhere, touch them inappropriately, or do anything else that crosses a boundary.

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