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The disposal of this often-contaminated water continues to be a challenge in California, with the environmental effects of selenium and other drainage-related elements changing the course of drainage planning.Organisms that photosynthesize but lack the formal water circulation structure of land plants are placed in the broad category of “algae.” These can grow in either freshwater or saltwater environments, existing as single cells (often congregating in colonies) or multicellular organisms such as giant kelp.Applied water refers to water delivered by an application to a user, either indoors or outdoors.

As the single largest water-consuming industry, agriculture has become a focal point for efforts to promote water conservation.

With soil absorbing applied water and being porous (some water can move down below a plant’s root zone), it is necessary to apply more water than a crop might need.

California law allows surface water to be diverted at one point and used (appropriated) beneficially at a separate point.

The geologically diverse North, Middle and South forks comprise the American River or the Río de los Americanos, as it was called during California’s Mexican rule.

Anadromous fish are freshwater fish that migrate to sea then return to spawn in freshwater.

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