Dating tony vaughn

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She and Erica had been trying to convince Janet that her husband was a stiff since the two of them ran off and got married, unexpectedly. Janet attributed her newfound courage and insight to a new man in her life. Now, before you go into a tirade against interracial relationships, let me inform you... I've dated enough men in my lifetime to know when something is good for me and when something is bad for me. " Janet said resolutely as she looked Melinda directly in the eye. Now, I just heard your speech on why you wouldn't date a Black guy and to tell you the truth, this time last week, I would have gone along with everything you said, but I've come to find out that attributing stereotypes to people only hurts you.Melinda was appropriate shocked by Janet's statement as she considered her to be a dyed in the wool prude and was dying to know whom it was! " Melinda asked making sure she had heard correctly. "Uh, umm, Janet you are free to date whomever you want without worrying about whether or not I approve. It's not that I have something against Black men, it's just that I don't know of any successful ones. " Melinda asked, though she hadn't bothered to shower Janet with these same questions she had peppered Janet with. But, I do want you to know that he is African-American," Erica said as she watched Melinda's face go pale once again. " Melinda asked incredulously while looking from Erica to Janet, quickly. There are a lot of positive, successful people out in this world, black and white.Neither was happy and both felt used by their respective ex-mates.Thursday Melinda had not shared her heartache with her girlfriends, Erica and Janet.Most of them seem to deal drugs or use drugs in one way or another. "Well, like our friend, Janet, I've begun dating someone new, also..." Janet began hesitantly while smiling coyly. Is that a price you're willing to pay so that you can tell yourself and the world that you have a successful white man with money to burn?! "My family would never approve of me doing something like that!

Melinda agreed, figuring that was the least she could do since she had basically used him.

Melinda arrived home that night to find several threatening messages from Tony. Putting him out on 'front street' had really pissed him off!

She wondered how long he was going to stay that way.

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