Dating wedgwood jewellery

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Earlier variations had each letter individually impressed, resulting in misplaced or uneven layouts.As he improved his technique, the impression mark took on a curved appearance.These wares would have one of the three circular marks shown here.The marks were either impressed or raised from the body, with the impressed versions being the rarest form of these marks. These marks were the more simplistic marks that were impressed on decorative pieces produced during the Wedgwood and Bentley partnership.

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Josiah Wedgwood was a famous manufacturer of porcelain and earthenware.Click here for a selection of marked Wedgwood ware, then click the View More Images button to view the marks on the reverse of the platter.Other makers marked some pieces, but by no means all, e.g. Jones was reasonably consistent with the pattern number, but very often omitted the name or monogram. But the mark generally gives a clue to the date of manufacture.Typically hard-wearing, molded in relief, with vibrant colours in a variety of styles and forms.Majolica-makers marks – this is from a rare Minton Majolica tin-glaze plate in imitation of Renaissance Italian tin-glaze maiolica. Note also MINTON in manganese brown fine painted script on opaque white tin glaze.

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