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It is very popular with social media login or social media signup when we register at websites.And some of our members have been asking us why we don't have that feature in Educated Singles Club when we ask prospective members for a link to their Linked In profile during the application process anyway.These academic singles with international careers usually tell themselves that when they meet the right person they will travel less and change the priorities in their life.The only problem is, that despite all the great intentions, that it is very difficult to make these changes.Before you are accepted we will validate your name, age and educational credentials.(Read more here)It is a Global community with members all over the world. They organise events and coordinate activities with the other ambassadors.

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Approximately, 68% of US households own a pet, pet owners are often seen as more attractive, and 86% of people would break up with someone if he or she didn’t like their dog.

Educated Singles is an online- and real-life community for networking, socialising.

dating and matchmaking where the members can rest assured that the fellow members are who they say they are.

A great job, a good education and perhaps even some children.

But you still feel you miss something, name a partner in life who matches you both emotionally, sexually and intellectually.

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