Elizabethan dating

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With a large number of individual pieces produced, Elizabethan used numbers as well as names to account for their styles. There is not a whole lot of information out there on Elizabethans decorator's, but that is what this number stands for.

Your tea cup with pattern number 5800L would have a current retail market value of between 23-28 dollars in excellent condition.

Some aged people might be accommodated in parish alms houses, though these were usually private charitable institutions.

Meanwhile, able-bodied beggars who had refused work were often placed in Houses of Correction (indoor relief).

The act was supposed to deal with beggars who were considered a threat to civil order.At the bottom of a tea cup it indicates: ELIZABETHAN fine bone china ENGLAND.The "E" in ELIZABETHAN is encircled by what appears to be leaves.The act was passed at a time when poverty was considered necessary as it was thought that only fear of poverty made people work There was much variation in the application of the law and there was a tendency for the destitute to migrate towards the more generous parishes, usually situated in the towns.There was wide variation in the amount of poor relief given out.

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