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Though Waltz music was being used in country dances by the mid 18th century, this must not be confused with the couple dance we now associate with Waltz music.When the couple waltz was first introduced by Baron Neuman in 1812 it was regarded as foreign and very shocking because of the physical contact involved.

These books made their way across the country, and were shipped out to the colonies.Many of the dances we know today come from these printed sources.The dances of the Regency era come from the long tradition of English Country Dances and share their inheritance with Scottish Country Dancing, but the dancing is smoother with an impression of swift lightness.The Quadrille was a late-comer, formally accepted into English Society by the ladies of Almack's in 1815 though there is evidence that they were danced in the Duchess of Devonshire's house as early as 1803.The Quadrilles had their own lively steps and were often quite flirtatious.

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