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This eliminates the need for Steam users to do any sort of secondary login to 3rd party account systems.Additionally, if new 3rd party accounts can be automatically created and linked when a new Steam ID is encountered, the Steam user will never have to be aware that a secondary authentication is taking place at all.Once a user's identity has been verified, a secure server can use the ISteam User/Check App Ownership Web API method to check if the user owns a particular App ID, or call ISteam User/Get Publisher App Ownership to retrieve a list of all user owned App IDs that are associated with the provided Publisher Key.The following steps detail how to use Encrypted Application Tickets to verify a user's identity between the user's game client and a secure server:.You can retrieve the current user's Steam ID by calling ISteam User:: Get Steam ID and then retrieve the 64-bit ID by calling on the returned value.The following authentication methods can be used to securely verify a user's Steam ID.Third-party accounts can be linked to Steam accounts by associating a user's Steam ID with the 3rd party account.

You can do this by navigating to Edit Steamworks Settings for your application and selecting 'SDK Auth' from the 'Security' drop-down.When the user wishes to login/link their account to that website, using Open ID, the site directs the user to a login form on the Steam Community website.Once the user has entered their Steam login credentials, the user's web browser is automatically redirected back to the 3rd party website with some additional Open ID specific data appended to the return URL.The site's Open ID library can then use this data to verify and obtain the user's Steam ID.Steam provides the following images which may be used by 3rd party sites when linking to the Steam sign in page: Steam's Open ID 2.0 implementation can be used to link a users Steam account to their account on the third-party website.

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