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The last day at work was followed by the last dinner at the place we liked, the last time we had a couple date with so and so, the last run, the last episode of Game of Thrones……and just like that those months had become weeks and, all too soon, they were days.If you’d like to read a post from immediately after a break-up on the road (one of the two that inspired this post), you can read all about Goodbyes.There are a great many reasons why you might choose to ‘expiry date’, but the reason that leaps out at me is a simple one: because you care for the person and want to spend more time with them. I look back fondly upon our last months together as some of the best of the relationship.We spent our last night together in bed watching movies, as if our lives weren’t going to change dramatically the following day.By breakfast, the hours had become minutes and all too soon it was a taxi honking or a flight number being called.

Suddenly, I was saying goodbye to co-workers and we were starting a seemingly unending parade of lasts.

"They may still be in mint condition." He recommends using your senses (this would be the "Honey, sniff this" thing) to decide if an item is fresh. It has a use beyond building character in those attempting to remove it. "The item will be good as the day it was packaged." Star Lawrence is a medical journalist based in the Phoenix area.

When we made the decision, we had months before it would affect us.

Some critics have accused drug manufacturers of hyping these dates to encourage more drug sales.

Goldhammer implies that some drugs may be OK longer than noted, but the manufacturers have not done, say, a 10-year study of how long the drug is good.

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