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She may avoid responding to your texts, or she may take hours to respond to you.

And eventually, she may just get bored and avoid you completely.

Or do you find a girl you see occasionally completely, irresistibly sexy?

It doesn’t matter whether you know her already or she’s a complete stranger.

You’ve been flirting with her, now you need to get into her personal space to make her feel the sexual chemistry.

Touch her arms or her fingers while saying something, place your hands around her waist while sidestepping across her or walking past her, touch her while complimenting her, or hug her for just a second longer while saying goodbye.

But even if you aren’t that kind of a guy, try these steps.

Start by texting late in the evening to begin with, and within a day or two, she may be comfortable enough to text you or speak with you late into the night even if she’s uncomfortable with the idea at first.

] 11 smooth moves to seduce a woman and get her in bed Just follow these 11 really simple moves, and you’ll surely be in a great position to seduce her and get her in bed.

Use these moves one step at a time, and as long as you play your cards right, she’d be in bed with you even if there are several other guys trying to get her attention at the same time!

Don’t try to get into her pants already, or there’s a chance you may blow the whole thing off!

[Read: How to turn a girl into a sex buddy by texting at night] #4 Live two lives. Each time you speak with her at night or text her, be flirty and naughty.

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