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PDF Version The United States is proud to support Guyana’s leadership in the global HIV/AIDS response.

In partnership with the Government of Guyana, PEPFAR is transitioning from providing direct support for health services to technical assistance as the Government of Guyana increases its monetary and programmatic investments in the national HIV/AIDS response. Data reflects information available on the PEPFAR Dashboards and, which represents planned new bilateral funding initially approved in the PEPFAR Country Operational Plans/Regional Operational Plans (COPs/ROPs) each fiscal year.

PEPFAR will continue to align investments with national priorities and coordinate with the Government of Guyana; the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; civil society; and other partners to reduce new infections and save lives. As additional funding may be approved and made available after the initial COPs/ROPs submission, or to PEPFAR-supported countries that are not required to submit an annual COP/ROP, data on the Dashboards may not represent the final PEPFAR programmatic funding level in countries each fiscal year.

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Georgetown, Guyana – Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Ltd, an affiliate of Exxon Mobil Corporation, announced today the establishment of the Centre for Local Business Development in Georgetown in collaboration with DAI Global, LLC.The campaign also attempts to remove the stigma associated with overdose.Honorable Consul-General of Guyana in New York, Ms. Distinguished leaders of the religious faiths here with us this afternoon, Distinguished guests, My Guyanese brothers and sisters, Greetings!Using a multi-tiered approach, we focus on building workforce and supplier capabilities in conjunction with strategic investments in the local community.At Exxon Mobil Guyana, this approach is called Local Content.

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