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One of the best things about music is the variety of instruments. I believe this to be the originator of the tolling bell sound in modern music.

One underappreciated instrument is the tolling bell. A mood where you know death is creeping closer and the devil’s hour is upon us. No doubt Black Sabbath influenced most if not all of the other artists on this list and none have been able to nail the effect of a tolling bell quite like Sabbath did.

The guitars rule, the lyrics are evil, it’s long as hell, and it has a very high total toll tally.

Simply the best and no one has been able to do it better.

The tolling bell does one thing really well and that is set a mood. You might think to yourself “I’ve heard songs with tolling bells that do not set this mood! This song starts off with thunder and rain and somehow the sound of complete darkness and of course a tolling bell.

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Darkness permeates "Dance with the Devil" from start to finish, as Immortal Technique tells an elaborate tale of a man named Billy.If you’ve ever sat down to write a song, you’ve probably wondered about song structure. ” may have come to mind, followed by some inspired noodling, and then, “Where do I go from here?” If studying song structure feels a bit academic and intimidating at first, fear not. In fact, you already know exactly what good song structure sounds like!There are at least 10 references to Lucifer in "Hell Sent," which finds Bone Thugs bragging about "taking demons hostages" and starting a riot in hell.Wish Bone unleashes the fiercest assault towards the end, "A demon told me that Lucifer said meet him at the black hole. was really as depressed as the song indicates, but "Suicidal Thoughts" is still one hell of a spooky song 11 years after his real death.

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