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There has been progress throughout the city, but the schools still sucked and Snaptrap's still a stupid moron as well as Zippy, but enough with that crap.

She was wearing a white shirt and dark blue jeans and white socks.

Your mommy's boss is a mean, old stubborn flea whose setting his ways and he won't let me go back to work and I feel kind of down."Then her ears go down."Aw."The very same building that your daddy, your aunt and me work at.""Oh." Rhonda said as she picks up a cat doll off the floor.The audience cheers & applaudes for Dudley."Hey, Kit-Kat." he greeted."Brad looks at his mother."She doesn't look too happy, dad." he said."She doesn't?Merry Christmas, Dudley." Kitty said, as she gives him a perfectly wrapped gift with Dudley's name on it."Thank you, Kitty!

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