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"And I'm already bigger than Courteney and Jennifer. My bones feel bigger, I just felt like this mountain of a woman next to them."Further delving into the pressures of being under the public magnifying glass, Kudrow admitted that during the show's run, she regularly lost weight “on purpose.” And, in retrospect, she’s disappointed that her slimming down—no matter the catalyst—was always met with compliments.

“Unfortunately for a woman, if you’re underweight, you look good,” she explained, underlining that praising weight loss is often fraught.

To wit: One of my favorite celebrity friendships — and one that you’ll likely only know about if you listen to a lot of celebrity interviews on podcasts — is the one between Friends’s Lisa Kudrow and Conan O’Brien.

One would probably not exist in our pop cultural landscape without the other, and to hear the two interact together on the same podcast is like listening to people who have been friends for 30 years shoot the sh*t in intimate and unguarded ways, as though they were unaware that an audience is listening in.

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If you listen to enough of them, you’ll hear the same celebrities tell different variations of the same stories on different podcasts, and it’s those repeated stories that end up sticking with us the most, particularly when those stories involve other celebrities, and we also get to hear their side of the story.Conan figures prominently in Kudrow’s career early on.The two attended the same improv class back in the 1980s.Reflecting on the beloved sitcom, Kudrow said on this week’s episode of the podcast “WTF with Marc Maron” that she couldn’t help but compare herself to co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox.“You see yourself on TV and it’s that ‘Oh my God, I’m just a mountain of a girl’ …

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