Lee dong wook and lee dae hae dating

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i'm one your fans..loved your acting, looks..especially your cool and naughty side..you're kindy mysterious too.to see a lot from you soon..you're simply the best..i'm falling for you over and over again.. I just watched "Goblin" for the 2nd time and thought to myself, if this beautiful Grim Reaper will show up to take me to the after life - I think I will be ok. hope Lee dong wook and gong yoo comeback soon in drama and get success like goblin. A true actor portraying the emotions of a guy who has dark past. you can make your acting great although in different character.

After that drama I am enjoying the goblin thankyou. Every scene shows your effort in which it conveys you want the audience to enjoy you on the screen. :) My most favourite character the grim reaper, excellent actor, it has been a joy to watch him on screen. Unconditional love and support ^^ First I saw you in Roommate and now I'm watching you for the first time in Hotel King. good luck and i'll be waiting and watching your drama and movie... but I do love you in funny character, WILD ROMANCE..

It wasn’t beyond terrible but was bad enough that even the reunion OTP of Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae wasn’t enough to keep me around.

With that said, the three new pictures posted by Lee Da Hae on her social media account this weekend is luring me back to check out the drama.

If folks who watched HK all the way want to chime in your thoughts on whether it’s a watch/avoid that would be much appreciated!

I never expected to hear any confirmation about the relationship so hearing him confirm now that he dated a non-Chinese actress girlfriend is what shocked my socks off.

This news is rocketing through the C-media right as I speak and clearly it’s up to Lee Da Hae’s side to admit or refute it (or stay silent, I suggest just staying silent since he didn’t name her by name).

I saw you on your drama “Touch Your Heart” and I literally can’t believe you’re 37??? First saw Goblin and absolutely loved the bromance between Grim Reaper and Kim Shin. Will work through the list of your other dramas too. He looks different when he's serious or even if he looks shy. It's just an impossible dream to reach and see him. I'm dying to see you oppa, can u please visit me here in the Philippines? Oh my, I have seen many drama's but I am so hooked on Lee Dong Wook and that Beautiful smile and his amazing acting abilities that I plan on starting a collection of what I can find of Movies and Drama's he is in the Star role... Did you guys know that i literally sleep late at night and hurry home just to watch more episodes? scent of a woman was one of the best dramas ever and you were so lovely in wild romance. You will stay as my first and only Korean Male Star Favorite!!

I love your acting and I hope you appear in more shows with Yoo In Na together! Fate is what I'd like to call you and Yoo In Na for appearing in 2 shows together as a couple. Korean actors tend to be dragged on different controversies lately. I love him so much that I wouldnt want him to be involved. Anyways, you’re a very beautiful and talented man, I’ll definitely continue watching your works :3 My daughter is studying Korean and were advised to watch K-drama. Love you guys and thanks for keeping us entertained. There nothing elese to see on netflex so i tried korean scent of a woman..16 episodes= 16 hours! I ll continue to collect all your Great works and start admiring it.. it will affect your performance in totality if you neglect that aspect.. i started to like you when i watched my are perfect in every single way. I really idolized you and admire everything about you so much!!

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