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In AER developed tourist infrastructure, heavy and light industry, oil and gas production.

The main income of the country - is a payment for the right of passage through the Suez Canal. If you chose the Egyptian chat room, you will find that the theme of communication varied. But the main thing - is the pride of the Egyptians for their country.

In fact, Egyptian girls are synonymous with beauty. They have high cheekbones, round faces, fuller lips, and big eyes.

They dress up in classy dresses, and you will find most Egyptian women wearing a headband.

Egypt has a very young population, where more than 75% of the population is under the age of 25 and only 3% are above the age of 65.

Cairo has a large population density of 19,376 people per square kilometer.

If you want to hook up with women, you can try to hit upon the Christian minority here.

In Egypt chat people will tell you that the main attraction of Egypt - is the construction of a powerful ancient civilization - the Egyptian pyramids, majestic temples, the Great Sphinx.

Despite the fact that the main area of Egypt is a mountainous desert, the valley and delta of the Nile River provides agricultural products for the 70 million of population.

It is also named as “City of minarets’ due to high resemblances to the Islamic structure.

Arabic is the most widely spoken language in Cairo through many educated Cairo residents can speak English, French, and Italian quite fluently.

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