Macbook battery icon not updating Dating rating cock

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First, plug in your Mac to a power source and charge it to full capacity, 100 percent.After fully charged, leave it plugged in for about two hours so it sits at a 100-percent charge.Closely monitor the battery percentage your Mac displays relative to your usage over the next day or two and observe if the SMC reset fixed the problem.Not only is keeping your battery calibrated important so that the battery percentage on your Mac stays accurate, but it’s vital for optimal battery health over years and charge cycles.The cost to fix any diagnosed issues will differ based on the cause and procedure.The best way to schedule a Genius Bar appointment is through Apple’s website.9 replaces the battery in the 17-inch Mac Book Pro and 9 covers the 12-inch Mac Book and 13-inch and 15-inch retina Mac Book Pros.

The Mac Book Pro has had a long life thanks to frequent operating system updates.

The other is a perceived sense of quick battery drain or a drop in the lifespan of a battery.

If you suspect that the battery on your Mac is displaying an inaccurate percentage of battery life remaining, try some of these at-home solutions to reset or recalibrate the battery.

Click the tab at the top and glance down below for battery charts and statistics on current energy impact, remaining charge, time remaining, and battery drain over the past 12 hours.

When all else fails, make your battery someone else’s problem!

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