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However, it also helpfully provides scans of envelopes and packaging so if a collector acquires a set of reels without the original envelope it came in, they can print a reproduction from a file and have a copy of the original packaging.Not as comprehensive as a collector might like but it’s a great a resource if a collector has reels that are in great shape but are missing the packaging.The View-Master Database Adapted from the View-Master Ultimate Reel List.

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New releases are limited to children’s titles and education; travel reels have been slowly phased out over the years, finally ending production entirely in March 2009 (though there has been talk off and on over the years, I haven’t seen anything noteworthy in awhile).

Any View-Master brand viewer will show any View-Master brand reel from any decade.

Most vintage items are relatively inexpensive, but the price goes up exponentially for rare items.

For example, due to the View-Master’s many years of production, images were sometimes changed over the years but marketed without changes noted.

Just as valuable to collectors, the list provides every known variant of packaging and examples of the various types of packages View-Master employed over the years.

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