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South Korean migration policies are not proactive on issues of sexism or racism, rather migration policy is largely a reaction by the state to economic needs without adequate policy to address the discrimination against migrants or mixed race couples.

MBC, the Korean Culture Broadcasting Corporation, has broadcast a program revealing the shocking reality for unfortunate Korean women who have relationships with foreigners under the title "The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners".

The photo shared below was posted to a Facebook group that discusses the fallout from the MBC broadcast and shows the segregation of some establishments A sauna employee refused to admit to the woman, a naturalized Korean, saying she was still a “foreigner” by appearance and foreign users may “make water in bathtub dirty” and “pass on AIDS.” Such an action was possible because there is no law on discrimination by race, according to a support center for immigrants While Korean women who partner with non-Koreans are stigmatized in the media, Korean policy actively promotes the marriage of Korean men with marriage migrant wives.

Marriage migrant’s rights, according to Cheng, are protected only insofar as they fulfill the gendered roles proscribed by society by giving birth to a Korean citizen.

The producer said one of MBC’s senior managers conveyed a complaint about the piece from a couple he knew in which the husband is American and wife is Korean.

“His American friend got angry about the report,” the producer said.

These stories are an attempt by conservative voices to not only “protect” women but to stigmatize women who make choices that don’t conform to normative expectations about marriage, family or Korean society.

The producer responsible for the newsmagazine, who asked not to be named, said the story was pitched by an outside production firm, called All That Media, that’s one of seven MBC has been relying on for content since its journalists went on strike.

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In one interview, one woman who was conned into sleeping with a foreigner says she became pregnant, contracted HIV and even had to start drinking at unbranded coffee shops.Whether it's the KKK freaking out about white christian women sleeping with black men, it's always the same refrain. "Guess who owns, dominates, and controls the Korean media? Guess who stands to benefit from the widespread dissemination of "journalism" which paints foreign men as AIDS-infested playboys who pump and dump Korean women like playthings and desert them if they get pregnant? My friends were interviewed by the guys who made this. I never saw stuff like this while I was in Korea, but I also did not hang out with the type of foreigners that would do that kind of stuff.Unless you are familiar with the less tasteful social circles, you can't really know what goes on in them or how prevalent they are.This discourse shows a patriarchal and discriminatory view of women’s sexuality and choices.Even the title of the broadcast casts a negative tone by using an insulting term to refer to women and capitalizes on inflammatory netizen posts about women ‘acting out of order’ (see for coverage of these stories).

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