Mysql state invalidating

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invalidating all that just because you translated a role label would be a bit stupid, are there cases where it makes sense, e.g. b/core/modules/locale/src/Locale @@ -0,0 1,30 @@ * This event allows you to perform custom actions whenever a translated string * is saved.

The event listener method receives a * \Symfony\Component\Event Dispatcher\Event instance.

The state would provide a base level of funding per pupil but allowed districts to levy additional local taxes up to a cap of 25 percent of their base.

By 2010 the cap had risen to 30 percent or, with approval of district voters, 31 percent.

That a rich district could perversely become poor is explained by the fact that the base amount provided by the state is subject to complicated weighted increases that favor sparsely populated western and urban eastern districts while disfavoring suburban eastern ones such as Shawnee Mission.It remains to be seen whether the Kansas courts will embrace one more round of battle in a state with a long history of finance litigation and growing signs of legislative resistance, including a revived interest among the Republican majority in amending the state constitution to discourage future school-finance litigation.A connection pool is a standard technique used to maintain long running connections in memory for efficient re-use, as well as to provide management for the total number of connections an application might use simultaneously.Could be quite a lot of "tag invalidation noise", when translating a lot of content. We decided against this, because it is quite hairy: add a "default" cache tag, that is not a specific cache tag, but that is actually dynamic, because it varies by the contexts… So while that could definitely be something we want to do eventually, what matters most now is correctness.And therefore, we chose to apply the same approach as the one we used for Related, config translation, does that already invalidate the config entity cache tag? For example, we tag a lot of stuff based on the roles a user has.

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