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abeel] Abel tree, white poplar, Populus alba, Dutch beech. [Arabname]= Hibiscus abelmoschus, Syrian mallow, musk mallow. Aberdavine, (a-ber-da-vm')=Siskin= Fringilla spinus : a small migratory singing bird. akan- tha, thorn; pterygion, fin.] Fish having spiny dorsal fins, as perch, mackerel, &c. akantha, thorn; spongia, sponge.] A fossil sponge, found in Silurian strata. The posterior portion of the human trunk, containing the intestines. In insects, the portion of the body behind the legs, contain- ing the viscera of nutrition and reproduction. [Abdomen, g.v.] Fishes having the ventral fins far behind the pectoral fins. A sub-division of Ascidioida (Mol- luscoida), in which the branchial sac is small in front. Abdar process, for separating silver from any copper ore in which it occurs. abatis, thrown down.] A breastwork of trees, or branches of trees. Rude spearheads, &c., found in the alluvium near Abbeville.

akalephe, anettle.] Jelly fishes, sea nettles, medusae, &c.

abies, the fir tree.] A resin obtained from turpentine.

abies, fir tree.] Fossil remains of fir trees, chiefly cones, found in Wealden and Greensand.

a, not, and branchia, gills.] Without gills; unable to breathe only in water. vetebrata, mam- malia, aves, and reptiles, the highest forms of animal life, all of which have an amnion, an allantois, but no gills.

a, not; brazo, I bub- ble.] A mineral, chiefly silicate of alumina, lime, and potash; one of the zeolite group, which does not effervesce under the action of the blowpipe. [The French name.] The space between stones in masonry, usually filled with mortar.

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