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THE C RE RULES This book relies on the ru les in the three core ru lebooks T he game especia lly ma kes freque nt use of the rules in chapters 7- 10 of the Player's Handbook: "Using Ability S cores," "Adve ntur ing," "Combat," a nd "Spellcasting." That book's a ppendix A is als crucial; it contains defini tions of conditio ns, like invisible a nd prone Yo u don't need to k now the ru les by heart, but it's helpfu J to know w he re to find them whe n you need the m If you'r e a DM, you s ho uld a lso k now where to look things up in the Dungeon Mas ter's Guide , especia lly the ru les on how magic ite ms work (see chapte r 7 of th a t book).

T he introduction of the Mons ter Manual is your guide on how to use a mons te r's stat block.

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Many Beholders have taken on the mantle of Xanathar, so it isn't clear who is the current one.

He adds nothing to the book, which is a shame, because Xanathar's Guide to Everything is a killer title.

For lore fans, the Xanathar is a title given to the Beholder who rules the Xanathar's Thieves Guild in Skullport.

Skullport is an infamous black market town in the depths by Waterdeep, a key city in the world of The Forgotten Realms.

If what you say is true, and you don't use it for anything else, then you don't care.

To pre-empt any possible complaint in the vein of "but MP, I don't even have the notion of this 'referer' thing, what do you want from me" : I want from you to set the environment variable so named to the string "

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